Hotel Sagar

Hotel Sagar

Immerse yourself in history and luxury at Hotel Sagar, Bikaner. Nestled within the stunning Lallgarh Palace complex, our hotel offers a unique blend of heritage charm and modern comfort. This architectural gem seamlessly combines Indian and European styles, creating a captivating Ambience.

Experience unparalleled hospitality. Our spacious, well-furnished rooms boast all the modern amenities you desire, ensuring a relaxing and productive stay. We cater to both business and leisure travelers, offering a tranquil environment with a touch of grandeur. Savor delicious cuisine, featuring both regional specialties and international favorites.

Explore the essence of Bikaner. Hotel Sagar allows you to experience the rich heritage of Bikaner while indulging in modern comforts. Visit our photo gallery for a glimpse of our luxurious Heaven.

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Hotel Sagar

Experience comfortable hospitality in the heart of Bikaner at Hotel Sagar. This 3-star hotel, consistently praised by guests (87% recommend!), offers a welcoming atmosphere ideal for your Bikaner adventure. Located conveniently within the city, Hotel Sagar boasts a guest rating of 3.9 out of 5, highlighting its commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Hotel Sagar Niwas

This highly-rated (4.0 out of 5!) 3-star hotel in Samta Nagar is a favorite among travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient stay. Recommended by an impressive 88% of guests, Hotel Sagar Niwas promises a warm welcome and a memorable Bikaner experience.
This well-located hotel in Samta Nagar offers a convenient stay for travelers seeking affordable accommodation. Situated just 15.8 km from Nal Airport (BKB), Hotel Sagar Residency is also close to popular tourist attractions, making it a great base for exploring the city.

Hotel Sagar Residency

If you're searching for a comfortable and convenient stay in Bikaner, look no further than Hotel Sagar Residency. This business-class hotel caters to professionals with its modern amenities. But what truly sets it apart are the unique rooms. Each one boasts a stunning 365-degree view of the entire property, creating an airy and expansive feel. Step inside and you might just forget you're at a hotel – it's that homely.

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Reaching Bikaner

Bikaner has Domestic Civil Airport Nal Airport which is located 15 km west of the city. Regular flights to Jaipur JAI and Delhi DEL commenced in 2017-18 under the UDAN scheme of Narendra Modi Govt.
You can take flights from Delhi & Jaipur to reach Bikaner

A well-maintained network of roads connects Bikaner to the rest of the country.
Delhi 8 hr 32 min (425.6 km) via RJ SH 6
Ahmedabad 11 hr 40 min (653.8 km) via Amritsar - Jamnagar Expy
Jaipur 5 hr 48 min (342.0 km) via NH 11 and Jaipur - Bikaner Rd
Udaipur 8 hr 47 min (479.8 km) via Amritsar - Jamnagar Expy
Jodhpur4 hr 6 min (237.9 km) via Amritsar - Jamnagar Expy
Jaisalmer4 hr 57 min (330.6 km) via NH 11

How to reach Bikaner by train There are two railway stations in Bikaner- Bikaner Junction and Lalgarh Railway Junction located at a distance of 6 km from the city. These are connected to many major cities like Jaipur, Punjab, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and others. From any of these two stations, you will easily find a taxi to reach the city or your hotel.
Delhi to Bikaner 422 km 8 hours 7 mins
Jaipur to Bikaner 335 km 4 hours 58 mins
Mumbai to Bikaner 1,223 km 19 hours 26 mins
Jaisalmer to Bikaner 331 km 5 hours 17 mins
Udaipur to Bikaner 8 hours 30 mins
Ahmedabad to Bikaner701 km 11 hours 27 mins