Hotel Sagar, Bikaner - The best hotel in Rajasthan, India
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Other Places

Devi Kund Sagar You may want to visit this place if you are interested in the study of Cenotaphs dedicated to various rulers. These cenotaphs are a perfect collaboration of Islamic and Hindu temple architecture, among which, the cenotaph of Maharaj Surat Singh is considered the most impressive one as it is made of white marble with intricate carvings on it. It is interesting to note that the carvings on each chhatri is a reflection of the taste of respective Maharajas and each of the ceilings of these cenotaphs display intricate Rajput paintings.
Kolayatji Temple According to legends, Kapil Muni, the advocate of Shankya yoga of the Hindu philosophy, stopped at Kolyatji when travelling to some place far. It was here he realized immense spiritual peace and tranquillity. Feeling the pious energy ring his insides, Kapil Muni performed his penace (tapasya) here for the redemption of the world from the black age. Ever since, the place acquired great religious importance.
Today, Kolyatji is not just a temple, but rather a complex of holy ponds, majestic temples and grand pavilions. It is considered very auspicious to take a dip in the ponds on Kartik Poornima, so make sure you make a trip to this place if you are around in the month of November.
Shiv Bari Temple Built by Maharaja Doongar Singh back in the 9th Century, the temple is wrapped in a calm and serene aura, which straight away touches the strings of one's hearts. Dedicated by the Maharaja to his father, the temple houses a remarkable painting of Nandi Bull, preserved till date.
The place is worth a quick stopover when you are on your way to the Desert Camel Research Institute.